I regret to inform you all that Profound Radio will not be airing any more. Due to misunderstandings within the hosts, we have gone our separate ways and it is no longer possible to continue to broadcast.

We would like to thank you all for your support these last few months and we wish you all the best. While projects taken on by our hosts after PR are nothing to do with PR and are NOT PR related, we encourage you to go check them out if you need something like this for support.

We apologise, again, and hope to see you around.

— Mapal

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Due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to do these shows tonight but we are hoping to get back to you next week.

We love you all and see you next week!


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Oops! Due to some technical difficulties, there will be no new Hunting Hour this week.

Tune in next week as we discuss this week’s episode, “Heaven Can’t Wait” alongside next week’s new episode, “Bad Boys”! 

In the meantime, enjoy last week’s episode with special guest Osric Chau!

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Join Tom, Helena, Sookie, Claire, Luce and Carolina 5PM EST / 10PM GMT every Saturday, for analysis and discussions based on topics around Supernatural!

The Prophets:
Tom - defilerwyrm
Helena - celestinefae
Sookie - child-of-thursday
Claire - claireblossom
Luce - fuckyeahlucifersupernatural
Carolina - winchestrsnovak

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Join Mapal, Silven, Shannon, Dannie and Gemma every Saturday at 3pm EDT / 8pm GMT for discussions, chats, question and answer, fanfic, interviews and more!

Special guest:
Helena (celestinefae)

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Hey everyone! Prophet Hour will be on again in 30 minutes to discuss Supernatural Meta! Tune in here!

We also have something new to share with you guys! Starting today, all our meta will also be available on the Profound Radio website! Go to META here, and check out all our contributions! Some of these won’t be discussed on Prophet Hour, so make sure to check back! ;)

See you in 30 minutes!

Prophet Hour is a weekly show on Saturdays at 10PM GMT!

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Every week on Prophet Hour we have a Lightning Round segment in which each host chimes in with flash meta on a topic YOU choose.

This week’s topics are:

  1. Is Dorothy Baum from 9.04 queer?
  2. Is Abaddon going to be the Big Bad of the second half of s9?
  3. What one thing could Supernatural introduce to improve the series?
  4. Let’s talk mid-season cliffhanger speculation.
  5. Is the fact that Sam isn’t catching on out of character for him?

Cast your votes here!

Voting is open until Profound Radio Saturday goes live! The second most popular topic will roll over into next week’s poll. You can also send in topic suggestions and meta questions to the team at Profound Radio@Tumblr or tweet them to @ProfoundRadio.

Prophet Hour is LIVE ON AIR Saturdays at 10 PM GMT/5 PM EST.

Missed the show? Catch it after hours on our YouTube channel!

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Join Mapal, Silven, Shannon, Dannie and Gemma every Saturday at 3pm EDT / 8pm GMT for discussions, chats, question and answer, fanfic, interviews and more!

Special guests:
Casey (intrudatardis)

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